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Do you need to hire a bilingual employee?
We specialize in recruitment of bilingual workers for your business. We benefit your company since a good portion of the cost is in the recruitment process, we can handle it for you. We will advertise for you, do the screening; interviewing; re-interviewing; background checking; and more. We will be identifying candidates with a very specific set of skills to match your employment needs.
Let me tell you about our services. We are a recruitment service that is based in Athens, Alabama. Our company has over 10 years of Recruitment/Human Resource experience in Texas and in the State of Alabama. We are unique in that we identify applicants that speak English and Spanish. These are U.S. born workers in need of employment in different occupations such as in service, manufacturing, poultry, and industrial services. We are not a staffing agency, we are a recruitment agency for employers
Our benefits to your company include:
(1) Recruitment of applicants (2) Pre-screening of applicants (3) Application completion process (4) Gathering of documentation (5) Pre-interviewing of applicants (6) Employer ready applicant referrals Our services save your company time and money
(a) We guarantee our service by referring qualified applicants…. we guaranteed that if your new direct-hire employee does not last at least 5 work days, then you owe us nothing at all. After the 5th day our rates apply. (b) Our Rates are simple…. we charge you $1.50 per hour your employee is on the job up to 40 hours…overtime constitutes a rate of $2.50 per hour, for our services. We will bill you on a monthly basis.

José Guerrero/DBA Jobs-Trabajos
15769 Lapington Road – Athens, Al. 35614